why I wish I had this backpack when I was at uni

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When I was at university I always had a lot of different bags. I had big bags for when I needed my rehearsal clothes, I had small bags for when I only had lectures and I always carried a laptop bag. My university was massive so you can imagine the 9:00am struggle, trying to get to class, in the pouring down rain with 300 bags..ok that was such an exaggeration I know that.

I was very kindly gifted* this Gaston Luga bag and it is such a brilliant bag. This bag is part of their Praper range. I wished I had had one when I was back at uni as it would really have helped me out. But, nevertheless it has helped me out so much since having it. I love being able to carry my laptop and all of my other bibs and bobs together and feel like it is all safe and secure inside this amazing bag.


First of we all we NEED to discuss the look of the bag. I am sorry but how bloody gorgeous is it? I can’t get over how stunning it is. I absolutely love the navy and the brown together – I love that it isn’t just a black standard bag. These colours are super autumnal which is amazing for this time of year, but this bag is definitely one you can wear all year round. There are hooks on the front of the bag that allow you to close the bag however you want and to keep it firmly closed.

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The bag itself comes in a dust bag which I think is such a good idea because you want to ensure that the bag is put away nicely where it will stay in good condition. This makes the bag feel even more luxurious as you are definitely going to want to keep it in amazing condition.

This bag really has no limits as to what it can be used for and I feel like you ALWAYS!! (I dont care what you say) ALWAYS! NEED A BAG LIKE THIS!

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I n s i d e   t h e   b a g

Inside the bag there are two separate compartments. On one half you have a big spacious area – where I put my laptop and when I tell you that my laptop is protected so well, my laptop is protected so well..this bag is so padded that my laptop is so safe and secure that it will not break. Then on the other side you have more space and also two little pockets for putting little bits and bobs AKA = LIPSTICKS! well in my case anyway. These pockets always come in handy, you can put all the little things in here so they don’t go straight to the bottom of you bag (you know the crap you find at the bottom of your bag?) 


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Alot of people mentioned to me that “that back pack is so massive” – that is because I opted for the bigger size. I wanted to show you what the backpack looks like on as a size comparison when it is on my back. I wanted the bigger size because sometimes when I leave my house, I want to take my laptop, I want to take a water bottle and I may even want to take a notebook or two..and with this backpack I can! that is why I love this backpack so much because I really can take everything I need. I also really love that I can use this as an over night bag, say for example if I am staying in a hotel for a night or even staying at my boyfriends. This bag really has no limits as to what it can be used for and I feel like you ALWAYS!! (I dont care what you say) ALWAYS! NEED A BAG LIKE THIS!

This backpack would have been PERFECT for when I was at uni. I literally would have been set for the day. If you are a university student, look into getting a bag like this. You want a bag that is sturdy and is going to handle all of your books and notebooks. This bag comes in 3 different colours so you have a good mixture, but this one I absolutely love!


My laptop

A water bottle ( a big chillys one )

My camera

Portable charger & lead

Another little bag full of bibs and bobs such as a mirror, more lipsticks LOL, hairbands, receipts, plasters and a  body mist

Notebook / books with pens

My tripod



and I am not even joking, there is room for more!

This bag retails for £109. BUT!!! when you purchase from Gaston Luga, use the code : STXGL and get 15% off your order! and you get a free passport holder!! which is amazing – imaging not only taking this wicked bag to the airport but whipping out your passport holder aswell?

sophia xo


  1. September 25, 2019 / 10:06 pm

    This bag is so cute! I used to hate wearing a backpack in college, but something like this would look way more trendy! I love the pockets too, I’m always losing things, even in my purse!

    • Sophiaaaxo
      September 26, 2019 / 7:44 pm

      I love it! yes! so trendy! I do aswell, they com in such handy! love that haha!

  2. September 27, 2019 / 1:51 am

    What a cute bag! It’s amazing what all fits in there, too!

    • Sophiaaaxo
      October 28, 2019 / 6:57 pm

      Thank you! x

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