It has been a while. It feels so weird even writing this, I feel like I don’t know how to write a blog post. I was originally just going to add this onto a review, but I felt like this needed a whole post to explain what the hell has been going on in my life over the last 4 months. There has been a couple of reasons why I haven’t been on my blog and I want to explain that all in this post.

If you follow me on instagram then you will know that my dad had 2 strokes in November. He had a mini stroke and then had another major stroke within days apart. I have been travelling up to be with him during these last couple of months and so I felt like I didn’t want to be on here. My dad asked me to document what happened to him as his stroke was VERY rare, I am talking 20% of people survive this stroke. I have mentioned it on my instagram and I do have a blog post coming out soon with everything that happened. He is doing ok now, he is at home and has made amazing progress. As you can imagine it has been such a difficult time for us and so I needed some time away from my blog. We are very lucky that he is still with us. You have to take each day as it comes. I will go into more detail in the blog post explaining what happened, symptoms and everything like that.

While I was away, I had alot of thinking time about where I want my blog to go and what I bring to the table. I definitely want to keep blogging about everything that I already blog about, but one slight change is that I want to start talking about Food in general and not just baking. I have been working very hard on my instagram to grow and focus on tightening my niche and really discovering what I want my audience to see from me. My instagram has slightly changed from being a bit of everything to really focusing on beauty and fashion. I want my blog to stay as it is, blogging about a whole range of different subjects – because I have such an interest for it. I also uploaded an IGTV talking about working with brands and I received alot of good feedback, the video got over 1k views.. I couldn’t believe it.

I have really been focusing on my health and making sure that I am working out alot more. I went through a stage where I hadn’t been to the gym or properly worked out in like 6 months and I felt so sad about it. I have started up at the gym and have been going for over a month, I am in a really good place with regards to my fitness. I started doing the couch to 5k and I am about 7 weeks in and I am really enjoying it. I used to run all the time when I was in school, but I stopped. I have rediscovered my love for running and going on long walks. I have seen a slight change in my body which makes me happy and I am going to keep at it. I am definitely in this for the long haul this time.

Then obviously at the moment we have this situation going on with the coronavirus. Just stay safe everyone and be with your family. This is such a sad stressing time for everyone, we don’t know what is going to happen and when this will all be over. In the UK we were told yesterday by the Prime Minster that we are now on lockdown and can only leave if it is absolutely necessary. I will be taking the next few weeks to spend time with my family and focus on my fitness.

Anyway.. how are you all doing? I have missed writing blog posts and am excited to be back.





    • Sophiaaaxo
      April 2, 2020 / 11:59 am

      <3 xx

  1. March 25, 2020 / 5:37 pm

    omg, so glad to hear that you’re back! I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to your father, but I’m glad to hear that he’s doing better. Can’t wait to see what you come out with next 🙂 xx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

    • Sophiaaaxo
      April 2, 2020 / 11:59 am

      Thank you.

      It has been such a struggle but you have to take it each day as it comes.

      Thank you lovely ! <3 xx

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