What I’m doing differently in 2019

I always feel like January is that time of year where everyone struggles abit. Everyone has Christmas blues, no one wants to be back at work, people are trying to get back into the gym and there is no creativity or motivation for anyone. This is definitely how I have felt throughout some of January, but I went back to the gym today and I am feeling helllaaa motivated and just ready for 2019. When it comes to New Years resolutions, it’s questionable whether we stick to them before February and by the end of the year we cant even remember what our New Years resolutions were. This year I have decided that I don’t necessarily want to set myself resolutions, but goals..


I have really sat down and thought about my blog and what type of content I want to create. At the moment I currently blog about beauty, baking, lifestyle, travel and fashion (basically everything) and this is something that I have always loved, that I am my own boss and I can upload whatever I want to. If I want to share pictures and talk about my time in Brighton then I can, if I want to make a banana loaf and share it, then I can. This is one of the things that I love about blogging. – Sitting back and really accessing the content I want to create for my blog has not only cleared my head a little bit, but left me feeling excited for what is to come.


For the beauty side of things on my blog, I feel like I slacked a lot in 2018. I couldn’t remember the last time I properly reviewed something, so let’s quickly go down memory lane…

March 12, 2018 Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, New Shade vs Fair 1 this was actually one of my favourite posts to create.

September 16, 2018 Rimmel Stay Satin Collection review  I loved this post so much, I had so much fun swatching the lipsticks.

September 27, 2018 The MUST have £3.75 highlighter  I loved creating this post because I honestly love this highlighter so much and couldn’t wait to share with the world how amazing it is.

Then to my most recent on January 9, 2019 New in my beauty collection , that I honestly think is one of my favourite posts I have ever done. I love the products in the post and just being about to share them with you all, also I love the pictures too.

Although I did create other beauty related posts, these were the ones where I actually reviewed makeup products. Personally these are far too sporadic and I need to be creating a lot more beauty reviews and keeping up with the latest in beauty. This is something I will work on for 2019. 


I love creating baking posts, they are probably the easiest / most fun to create.  I love whipping out my camera and ring light and really getting some lovely pictures. I always find that baking posts do very well, I can see why because who doesn’t love food?!

I want to create more recipes for my blog, and also create more healthier bakes. I want to start implementing healthy bakes such as healthy snacks and things that don’t necessarily have to be baked, but are quick and easy and healthy. I love looking up healthy snack recipes and I actually have alot under my belt that I kinda want to share.

In 2018, I was super happy to end the year with working with the lovely B&M my Christmas Yule log

and at Halloween I worked with Whittards to bake some gorgeous Sticky Toffee Pudding Brownies 


For lifestyle I just want to implement more helpful lifestyle posts such as how to budget or 5 ways to improve your skin. I also might want to incorporate more fitness posts such as my favourite workouts for abs or arms.


The travel section on my blog has always been for me to share pictures if I travel anywhere in the world or events that I go to.  I love the travel section on my blog because I can share anywhere in the world that I go to, this can be the seaside or an event 10 minutes away from my house. The travel section allows me to share the pictures that I would want to share on Instagram, but cant literally upload 30 pictures of me at Harry Potter World, you know??? In 2019, I want to create posts such as 5 things to do in Kent or how to travel if you suffer with anxiety, not just posts that are specifically related to travelling or events.

I was so lucky in 2018 to be invited to amazing pr events or just events.

My latest one being Miller & Carter steakhouse review 

or Cinema & Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelward review , which can I just add was little an experience I will never forget.


Fashion on my blog is really something that I feel I also need to step up with. I love fashion and try to express my fashion alot on my Instagram. I want to be creating a lot more fashion posts in whatever way I can. So expect a lot more fashion posts from me such as why chunky heel boots? or what to wear in the summer. I am really excited for this.

In 2018 I had a massive change to my blog as I went self hosted and got a whole new theme for my blog, which really changed my blogging game with regards to brand collabs and just the general look and feel of my blog.

If you would like to hear about my experience with Pipdig then please let me know in the comments down below, I did think about making the post but didn’t know whether people would be interested in reading it.

I am going to make more of a conscious effort to engage in more blog posts and just get involved in what other people are creating.

I am going to be uploading once a week, but sometimes if I have a post that is ready to go up I will upload it. There really isn’t any rules that I want to set myself, but having one post up a week is definitely an essential.



Even though I have only been back at the gym for one day, I plan to take my fitness very serious. I want to get to the place where I want to be, in terms of physically and mentally. I plan to go to the gym near enough every single day and really just work hard for what I want. I enjoy the gym and think it is really amazing if you can get working out. I would love to start doing yoga, as I think it would help me a lot mentally however, I feel like I wouldn’t have the patience for it. But, in saying that I won’t know if I dont try, right?


For 2019, I really need to get a new job. I am so fed up of working in retail, I want a new job preferably in makeup. I have such a passion for makeup and would love a job in the makeup industry, whether that be theatrical makeup or wedding / every day makeup. I am in the weird position in my life where I am just working two-part time jobs ( retail / blog ) and I dont know how to get to where I want to be. I have finished university and am like, right? what do I do with my degree in drama? this is definitely something I am trying to work towards as I don’t want to throw my degree down the drain. – I definitely have started to understand that these things take time and I don’t need to rush I am only 21 at the end of the day.

I am looking to do a course in September a special effects and media makeup one. I also want to get into doing more freelance makeup.

I do earn money from my blog / ads that I post on my Instagram and I would love to go full time blogging. Earning money from my blog / instagram is definitely something I want to try and get more of.


At the start of 2018 I started a YouTube channel, then towards the end of the year I stopped uploading and addressed this. I would love to be making YouTube videos again, but it takes up so much time and dont want to take on too much where I can’t do all of it. I need to get a new camera, because my current one is just dying I think. One thing is for sure, If I do start making videos again I really want to start doing vlogs as I really enjoy watching them.



2 things I want to do this year hobby wise.

More reading

Join up to my local theatre / start taking more acting lessons. My goal is to get an agent.



For me personally, 2018 taught me that I dont need to compare myself to other people on instagram. We all have our own journeys and paths in life. Secondly, numbers shouldn’t matter to me. It is so hard to get out of that state of being fixated on the whole number of followers and likes. We need to remember that instagram should be about you getting creative and just uploading whatever you want to upload.

I want to start uploading more makeup looks onto my instagram, I tend to not do this because I am worried that it won’t fit in with my theme and will just look out of place. I need to make it work and just enjoy what I upload more.

I would love to know any of your plans / goals / New Years resolutions for 2019

Sophia xo


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  1. January 16, 2019 / 8:05 pm

    i’ve just subscribed to your youtube channel, you should so start making them again x

    • Sophiaaaxo
      January 16, 2019 / 8:07 pm

      Aw thank you, I would love to I just need to find the time! will sub back x

    • Sophiaaaxo
      January 24, 2019 / 9:47 pm

      Thank you so much! I am excited to create some amazing content!

      <3 x

  2. January 16, 2019 / 8:29 pm

    Healthy snack/baking posts is something I’d love to see! I’m trying to get more active and healthy this year so I’d love some inspiration 😊 I’m also thinking of going self hosted and am looking for more information on this so a pip dig post would be great! X

    • Sophiaaaxo
      January 24, 2019 / 9:47 pm

      I have been interested in it for such a long time! Hopefully I will post something that you will love them! okay cool! I think I am going to do a post on that! thanks so much girl xx

  3. January 17, 2019 / 4:53 pm

    Can’t wait to follow along, girl! Love your goals & ideas for this year

    • Sophiaaaxo
      January 24, 2019 / 9:48 pm

      Thank you! so supportive! <3

    • Sophiaaaxo
      January 24, 2019 / 9:48 pm

      Thank you so much! <3

    • Sophiaaaxo
      January 24, 2019 / 9:48 pm

      Thank you! I think I will create one! xx

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