The TRUTH about Pipdig..

So you may be reading this because you are thinking about getting a new theme for you blog with Pipdig. Well I’m so excited for you, because

I went from this..

This was my old blog. As you can see, I custom made my own autumn header. It just seems really simple. The layout of the posts on my home page are all the same. On the side bar I have a bit of text about me and a picture. I also have a list of recent comments. I felt like this blog didn’t represent me and I just needed something better and more me

To this…

This is my new blog and I am obsessed. I have my Instagram feed at the top of the page. I have the name of my blog, Sophiaaaxo in the exact font that I pictured it to be, like my signature font if you will. I have all of the social media icons on the top right hand side of the page. I can custom how I want the posts to appear on my home page. I have my Youtube channel on a banner on my home page ( I can custom the banners to anything ) On the side bar I have a picture of me, information about me and all of my latest tweets and more.

and I would be lying to you if I said it was stress free and easy.. but, it was worth it!

So Why?

I decided to get a new theme for my blog with Pipdig for many reasons..

– I had seen a lot of other bloggers get themes with Pipdig and they all looked stunning. I had also seen on their website that they migrated it over for free which meant that it would make things easier for me because I didn’t have a clue how I would have done this.

– I felt like my blog was really outdated and just not how I would particularly like it. If I could create my own theme from nothing, it would look like how it looks now. The blog I had just wasn’t me, and I felt like it didn’t represent me well. I put so much work into my blog and decided that it was time I got a new theme as I owed it to myself. I also knew that getting a new theme would up my blogging game a lot. Blogging is a part time job for me and so I kind of needed to get a new one just so it would look more professional too.


October 2018 – November 2018. It took such a long time for me to sort this whole thing out. It might be different for every one, but this is my experience.


I looked through all of the Pipdig themes and found one that I was obsessed with and it was Etoile 

When you get a theme with Pipdig, you have to go self hosted. So if you are already self hosted then brill! if not, then it’s time to go self hosted. I went self hosted with 1&1 . So first you need to find a new hosting company to host your blog. Then once you have found one, they will transfer everything over from your old host to your new one.

What is the difference between hosted and self hosted?

Hosted is when you host your blog through a blogging platform so for example WordPress or blogger. Your blog will be for example unless you get a premium plan.

Self hosted is when you completely own your blog. You go through a company that hires a hosting company to store that website. Your blog will be (what mine currently is)

Once you have done the above you can then start to think about getting a theme. I added the theme to my cart and paid for it. When you pay for it, you have a free installation that comes with the amount you pay. This was something that I loved about Pipdig, I had no clue how to transfer everything from to a whole new blog. It was good that they were able to do this so I didnt have to stress about it and it only took around a day. Then you have a whole new blog!

Pros about having a new theme

– You will feel more confident about your blog

– Your blog might get a lot more views.

– You are more likely to get approached by brands about wanting to work with you, gifted or paid work.

– You will get a lot of people commenting / messaging you about your blog.

– You can pick however you want your theme to look and even customise it once you have brought it.

Cons about having a new theme

I wouldn’t say there is any cons about having a new theme, although I would say that they can be pricey depending on what you are looking for. They could be considered an investment, but if buying a new theme is worth it in the long run, then I think that outweighs the money.

Pros about Pigdig

– I love that they offer such a range of different themes. They have a theme for everyone. Ones for specific blogging niches, travel, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, baking… They really cater to everyone. You probably won’t see two people with the same blog

– Once you pay for your theme they will arrange to completely migrate your site over, without any hassle.

– Going through the website is very quick and easy.

Cons about Pipdig

– The communication from their behalf is actually shocking. They don’t currently have an email address, so if you have a problem that you want solved you would have to write it on a group forum. I found this extremely frustrating because you should be able to have one to one contact, not filling out a form about having a question and then it getting sent to a group forum. You could also see all of the other questions asked and how they were answered, but I didn’t find this helpful at all. I found this quite unprofessional and kinda annoying, who uses group forums?! Sometimes I didn’t get a response for days on end, while I am sitting there pulling my hair out – as you can imagine, very frustrating.


My experience

I understand that everyones experience is going to be different, but this is my experience and I wanted to share that. I also had a lot of people telling me what would be interested in this post, hopefully it helped you!

I had such a stressful time with migrating my site over from WordPress to my new host. Not all of my pictures migrated over to my new host which was extremely stressful and this was something to do with backing up my Mac. I had to get in touch with my new host, WordPress, and Apple because I didn’t understand why some of my new images weren’t migrating over to my new one. My process consisted of a lot of online chats for hours on end and I hate online chats. There is no overnight fix which is one of the most stressful parts, so be prepared for your blog to be down for a couple of days.

Trying to communicate with Pipdig was so stressful and they were so hard to get a hold of. I definitely think that they need to change their communication system because it is awful. However, my blog is now finished and I am so happy with it. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.

TIP: before starting all of this, make sure your computer / laptop, whatever you use, is backed up. This will make this process so much easier and less stressful.

I hope this post is helpful for you and if you have any other questions please feel free to message me.



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  1. Jenni
    February 8, 2019 / 5:37 pm

    “– You are more likely to get approached by brands about wanting to work with you, gifted or paid work.”

    Do you have any data or proof for these claims? Especially these about getting more views, branded deals, or paid work? Without data, that means absolutely nothing.

    • Sophiaaaxo
      February 8, 2019 / 5:43 pm

      Yes, there is proof in my sats. Since getting a new theme, my stats have increased for daily views, monthly visitors and comments. I have worked with more brands now than I did before.

  2. February 11, 2019 / 7:40 pm

    Hey Sophia

    Love the post – i got my new theme from Pipdig but had an amazing experience as they sorted everything whilst I was at work – all i had to do was ensure they had access to my blog as an admin. Everything went really smoothly thankfully & I love my new look blog! 😎😍☺

    I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with them Sophia. But your blog looks amazing! Xoxo

  3. February 25, 2019 / 10:44 pm

    i’ve wondered about pipdig & been interested in the whole self-hosted thing! this was super helpful 💛 also your blog looks AMAZING, loving the vibes!

    • Sophiaaaxo
      February 28, 2019 / 3:01 pm

      Thank you so much! I found it so confusing at first, then I found it really kinda cool! Thanks so much, took a long time to get to how it is now. The hard work paid off haha!

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