The best travel sized palette??

When Smashbox brought out a bunch of different Cover Shot Eye Palettes I was instantly drawn to one of them in particular.. the Ablaze palette. It is the perfect warm toned palette that any warm toned lover would enjoy. I am such a sucker for a warm toned smokey eye. I feel most confident with working with these colours. I also really loved the size of the palettes. They are all 8 pan eyeshadows which seemed to me to be very practical. You wouldn’t have to carry around a massive eyeshadow palette that will  weigh your suitcase down ( okay a little bit of an exaggeration from me there ) but it would for sure be super lightweight and easy to travel with. 

So..let’s discuss..

– It is £24 and you can get it from Smashbox and some Boots stores (uk)

– 6.2g of product inside. 

– 8 colour eyeshadow palette with a mixture of mattes and metallic shades.

– Cruelty free.


I think the packaging on the palette is pretty cool. It has a holographic front which means that it shifts different depending on how you hold it. This does embed within the actual packaging. To open the palette you have to stick your finger in the little indent to open it. On the back of the palette there is all of the names of every shade as they don’t appear under the actual shade in the palette,  this always annoys me.. but due to the size I can see why the names aren’t under the shades.


So as I mentioned, Smashbox came out with loads of different Cover Shot palettes all with different colour schemes. This palette consists of warm tones within a mixture of shimmers and mattes. There are multiple looks that you can do with this palette, all of the colours go together very nicely. 

“Ablaze (hot, desert-inspired shades): With shades in rich red clay and hot terra cotta, this palette captures the warmth of the desert in a range of sun-drenched shades—these dimensional pigments are perfect for adding depth and contouring.” – Smashbox

The colours are all in rectangle pans and the top two colours are longer than the rest. You can create a range of different eye looks with this palette, even though it is small there is a lot you could do. I like that you can mix it up and create neutral looks with a basic shimmer all over the eye, or more glamours looks such as a smokey brown eye.


Unedited to see true colours

C o l o u r  B r e a k d o w n 


Creamy light beige matte shade. For my skin tone, I wouldn’t expect to really see this colour on my lids, it is more to have a nice base to start off the eye look.


Golden shimmer colour with an orangey undertone. This shade is too dark for me to double up and use it as a highlighter. However, it is so stunning on the lids! 


Pink champagne shimmer with silver reflects in it. Such a stunning little colour. I always reach for this colour no matter what eye look I am creating.


Purple grape matte with a tiny bit of shimmer in it. This was the first colour I was instantly drew to when I first saw this palette. So different and unique to anything I currently have in any of my palettes. It is a mostly matte shade but it does have a tiny bit of shimmer to it, this is more so in the pan then when you apply it on your lids. 


Orange toned bronzed shimmer shade. This colour is so stunning and honestly so easily to wear. I have a lot of shades in my collection that is near to this colour, but the undertone of this shimmer makes it different. 


A peachy orange shimmer shade. This colour is absolutely stunning, and another shade that my eyes were instantly drawn to. I don’t currently own any shades that are similar to this. The only thing I would say is that it is quite underwhelming, I expected it to be really pigmented, but it isn’t as pigmented as I thought. 


A terracotta orange brown matte shade. Perfect for warming up the crease or building up to create a nighttime brown smokey eye. 

Dark Horse

Brown cool toned matte shade. This is perfect for darkening up any look and also the number one shade to use for a brown smokey eye. Also can double up to fill in your brows with. I find that this colour I sometimes struggle to blend, sometimes it can go abit patchy so you really have to blend and keep adding colour.

T H E  M A T T E S

When swatching the matte shades, they don’t look very good on the arm, however they are very good shades. They perform really well on the eyes and are very true to colour. I do find that they are super hard to blend, I really have to go in with a pretty dense brush in order to get the shades to blend. They are so pigmented and they last a long time on the eyes. 

 T H E  S H I M M E R S 

The shimmers in this palette are so stunning. There is a good variety of shimmers in here and I definitely think you get light shimmers and darker ones, so you definitely have a shimmer to put on the lid if this is what you want. They swatch really nicely on the arm, however I do find that you really have to build them up on the lids. I normally use my fingers to apply the shimmers as I find that even with a brush, with fix plus on, it doesn’t transfer very well and it is bit underwhelming. Using your fingers definitely picks up the most pigmentation and the shades just look more blinding in general. They last very well on the eyes.

Depending on your skin tone, some of these shades might appear lighter or darker on you. I think this palette would look great on anyone. 


H O W  P R A C T I C A L ?

This palette is SUPER SUPER practical. It is such a nice little size to take with you when you are travelling.  If you are interested in any of the palette and you travel quite alot, I would say you need it!, or even if you don’t travel alot this palette is very good. This for me is the perfect palette for me to take away with me. I know what I am doing with these shades and I know I will be able to create multiple looks with it. The only thing with this palette I am missing is a highlighter shade, so if I am tanned I could try and get away with the golden shimmer shade ‘Moccasin’, but if not then I would have to take an additional highlighter shade.

The size is not bulky at all and will save a lot of room in your suitcase or bag. I also think that this is a great palette if you don’t necessarily have time to get ready in the morning, you could pop it in your bag and do your eyeshadow on the train or on your break at work. 


What are your thoughts on this palette?

Sophia xo



  1. June 3, 2019 / 1:39 am

    Great review! I really like the size and the colors!

    • Sophiaaaxo
      July 12, 2019 / 10:02 am

      Thank you, the palette and the colours really are perfect!

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