The best outfit for unpredictable weather

If you live in the UK then you know how annoying the weather can be. We always seem to complain about the weather, yes that is correct.. however there is a reason for that. The weather is so up and down it is unreal. One minute it will be so sunny and time for you to get the shades out and other times you need to pop open your umbrella and run into the nearest store just to get inside. All you want to do on your day off is take a stroll into town, grab a coffee and have a little browse and then it might start to rain. This happens a lot in the UK. If you don’t live in the UK, I would be interested to hear what the weather is like where you live, does it rain a lot? or is super hot? The weather is so unpredictable, BUT I think I have sussed the best outfit to wear for these type of days.


Jeans – Primark, MOM Ankle Grazer Jeans

Jean Jacket – New Look

Belt – Boohoo

Trainers – JD

Jewellery – Necklace – Primark, Rings – Pandora.




“The weather is so unpredictable, BUT I think I have sussed the best outfit to wear for these type of days.”







I like to wear a lightish jacket such as a jean jacket or a leather jacket. I like wearing a leather jacket as it breaks the outfit up a little bit, instead of wearing denim on denim. This jacket is quite tight fitted, but really comfortable to wear. Depending on the weather you can keep the jacket on if you are too cold, or if it is too hot then you can take it off and carry it more as an accessory. Wearing a jacket with a hood is always going to be better just in case it does start to rain, however, I always wear them without a hood.


I think wearing a plain tee shirt is so simple, yet so handy and will literally go with anything. I love wearing layers of jewellery over the top of a plain tee as it is such a statement. I find that these tees tuck perfectly well into bottoms and I love this look. You can switch it up and wear a short sleeve or a long sleeve, which also depends on the weather. Whatever coloured top you are wearing you match this with the belt, for example.. in this picture I am wearing a black top and black belt. If I was wearing a white top I would probably pair it with a brown belt. I like wearing a black top, because it’s really bold and matches the belt I am wearing. I would like to wear more white tops (but I know I will get something on it like lipstick)


When the weather is unpredictable I like to make sure that I am wearing some form of denim, whether this be jeans or a jean skirt, but most of the time it is high waisted jeans. Denim is such a good piece of clothing because it is thick and most of the time will keep you warm. Even if the weather is sunny, jeans will always be a good piece of clothing. I will always pair my bottoms with a belt, according to what coloured top I am wearing. I think wearing a belt just pinches in the waist a little bit and it is a cute accessory. I will always roll my jeans up at the bottom as I just think it looks much better and gives your jean a ‘cooler’ vibe. The jeans in the pictue are actually alreacy cropped at the bottom and I love them.



I find that it is so much better to wear cute trainers when the weather is unpredictable because not only are they comfy but if it rains then I’m all good to go. Even if the sun starts coming out, i’m also good to go. Win win situation. I like to make sure I wear something where my whole foot is covered, like converse, vans or these trainers. I love these trainers because they have such a high platform on them and I feel super snazzy.


I always, always,

ALWAYS, wear a belt and wear jewellery. Not only does this add a super cute luxe vibe to your look but it will look good no matter the weather. If it rains, cool! if the sun comes out, cool.. it doesn’t matter because the jewellery is on and you’re good to go. Belt’s for me have become such an essential accessory because I find that it just breaks up the outfit abit more. I will always keep an umbrella in my bag when going out and I’m not too sure on the weather.

Nobody dislikes the unpredictable weather more than me, but I think I have mastered it. What do you think??

Sophia xo

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  1. March 17, 2019 / 9:34 pm

    The unpredictable weather is so annoying. I just want to wear my spring/summer clothes already.
    Great post :)x

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