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Keeping my hands and nails in good condition is something that I have always made sure that I have done. When I was in school I became obsessed with painting my nails and I would do cute designs on them because I wanted my nails to always look nice. I used to get so many comments on them. I have always made sure that my hands looking nice was a priority because it makes me feel so much better about myself, abit like making sure your skin is good. When I became abit older I used to get acrylic nails done all the time, but I would get bored with the shape and colour of them and they would grow out so quickly. This just put me off getting them, and also taking them off is a right situation as I don’t have the patience to sit there and let them soak off. I have only ever tried stick on nails like once and this was ages ago, I took them all off as one literally pinged off and I was like nope thank you.

I had never thought about trying stick on nails, so when Alex Silver Pr kindly sent me* a load of KISS nail products I was abit skeptical because of my history with stick on nails. However, I was absolutely shocked with how incredible KISS nails are. But before I get onto how amazing they are, I want to talk about what I got sent and the application..

W H A T  N A I L S  D I D  I  G E T  S E N T ?

I got sent two different types of nails

KISS Gel Fantasy 

Nails that you stick on with glue


Nails that you stick on with sticky tabs that give you a gel effect

W H E R E  F R O M / P R I C E ?

You can get both of these nail types from KISS online or Superdrug or Boots, I have been getting mine from Superdrug. The KISS Gel Fantasy ranges from around £6-£8 and at the moment they are currently just over £5 from Superdrug. The KISS ImPRESS Gel Nails are normally around £8 and once again are on sale for £5.

KISS Gel Fantasy Nails-

I got sent a gorgeous pair of light pink shiny square nails (wearing these in the pictures below) and matte navy blue square nails with a couple of them having a mirrored gold pattern on them ( to give the effect of shattered glass )

They come with 24 nails inside, a nail file, glue, a sort of toothpick stick and instructions. They come in cardboard packaging.

I was too eager to put them on that I actually ripped the box, oops.

I used the glue application method because the tab application just isn’t going to give me the longevity that I want.

I found the steps really easy to follow as it is never hard to know how to stick on fake nails with glue. Just make sure your nails and prepped before and filed.

THIS NAIL GLUE IS OUT OF THIS WORLD. It is so so brilliant. It keeps your nails on for so long, the pink nails that I had on stayed on for a week and a couple of days. This is so good for stick of nails and I was actually so surprised as to how good the glue was. My mum wore the navy ones and loved the design, they stayed on her nails for nearly two weeks. The glue is so good, it beasts any other nail glue that I have ever used. They were very secure and it felt like you could do anything with them, they never felt like they were going to come off. Honestly they are literally acrylic nails and after a day they feel so secure and literally like acrylic nails. So so impressed.

The nails themselves stay in tact really well, they don’t wear off or lose their shine. For example the matte ones stayed matte throughout the time they were worn. They don’t lose their colour or anything like that. The only thing I will say is on the navy ones, the little shattered glass bits did start to come off little by little. As my mum had the navy ones on she said that the products she uses to clean didn’t make the nails lose their colour or go gross in any way, she normally finds that acrylic nails do this.

Just a little tip I always find that it is so much easier if you set the nails out In front of you starting from the thumb nail to the pinky, so it is easier for you.


I got sent some gold square nails, that have a couple of really sparkly gorgeous gold nails and some square matte navy nails that also have some gold nails. There is a mix and match so you can really make it your own.

They come with 30 nails inside, a nail file, glue, a sort of toothpick stick, instructions, sticky tabs and some prep nail wipes. They come in plastic packaging.

These nails were different to the stick on nails as instead of using the glue you use sticky tabs. I thought that they may surprise me, just as the nail glue did, however I was wrong. They started pinging of in the same night. I didn’t think they would last long as sticky tabs just aren’t going to cut it. I also found that when I was putting my hair up, it would get caught under my nails. I LOVE the colours and look of the nails, but as soon as I put them they didn’t feel secure and they felt like the would ping off so easy. I also found that if you pressed down on the nails and pulled them or pushed them they moved around. After some of them stared to come off I actually just put them back on with the glue and that did the trick.


I have brought lots of the KISS Gel Fantasy nails because the glue is amazing and I would 100% buy these nails just for the glue. The money that you pay is worth it just for the glue. They have a great selection of nails that are bloody gorgeous, I have already spotted some that I want to get for Christmas. I will continue to buy these nails and I think it is ok for me to say that I PREFER KISS NAILS TO ACRYLICS. I love that they stay on for so long and I don’t get bored with the colour or shape as they do only stay on for a week and a bit. I love that I can change it up all the time and they don’t out grow as much as acrylics do. ALSO, they are so much cheaper.

The KISS ImPRESS nails on the other hand, I wouldn’t buy again because they don’t give me the longevity that I need. Although they have some absolutely stunning colours, but I don’t like the sticky tabs.

So.. KISS also sent me some gorgeous eye lashes and I am beyond obsessed with these. These lashes are some of the most gorgeous eyelashes that I have ever owned before and they come in proper sturdy cases. Normally when I have eyelashes I will reuse the cardboard packaging, but now I can keep these eyelashes inside this sturdy case. This is so good if you are travelling as the case will keep them secure. The lashes have a red and black little sleeve inside the case and it looks so sophisticated.

W H A T  L A S H E S  D I D  I  G E T  S E N T ?

KISS Lash couture 5th Avenue Collection, Splendor

KISS Lash couture 5th Avenue Collection, Grandeur

W H E R E  F R O M / P R I C E ?

Both lashes you can get from Boots or from their online store and they range from £7-£10 depending on what sales are currently on.

FIRST, we need to discuss KISS eyelash glue because it is so amazing. Before I got sent these products I already used KISS eyelash glue, so I knew the lashes would stay on perfectly fine. This lash glue is the best lash glue that I have ever used, I swear by it. There is no other lash glue that holds my lashes on for the long amount of time that this lash glue does and I recommend it to everyone. If you are someone who struggles with putting on lashes, then you must try this lash glue because not only will is hold your lashes on for 1 million years, but it gets tacky so quick which I think makes the process so much easier.

Both pairs of eyelashes are dramatic lashes and these are the normal type of lashes that I would wear on a night out or for a special occasion. They are both a little different and I want to let you why I love them both separately. I will just say that both pairs of lashes are quite long which I think also gives a dramatic effect.

Splendor –

I love these eyelashes because they are whispie but aren’t as thick as the other pair, they are more natural than the other pair. I love how they look on my eyes and how comfortable they are to wear. Also, i love how towards the outer corner or the lashes they get longer so it really opens your eyes and makes them look good. They are quite long which is good because it means that you can cut them down to your eye shape.

These lashes came with a plastic sturdy case and some lash glue ( yes!,  I get to stock up )


Grandeur –

These lashes are gorgeous. They have more volume and depth to them in comparison to the other ones. These really get longer at the outer corner which is good. One thing I loved about these lashes is that they look quite unique, I don’t think I own a pair of lashes like this so I was happy to get a new pair to wear. Once again, very comfortable on the eyes and I cut them down to my eye shape because my eyes are not that big lol.

These lashes came with a plastic sturdy case and some more eyelash glue.


Thanks so much Alex Silver PR for sending me such a gorgeous bundle of KISS products. I think the lashes are so gorgeous and I know they are going to be my go to pairs of lashes when I go out. And the KISS Gel Fantasy are such a hit, they are all I have been wearing for the past month!

Have you tried KISS products before, if so what is your favourite product from KISS? 

Sophia xo 

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  1. November 27, 2018 / 8:58 pm

    I prefer the nails with glue over the sticky nails, too. They have never worked for me. The lashes look amazing!

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