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I am the sort of person that loves something quick and easy and perfect for on the go. Something that you can throw in your bag, but also has its benefits. Smoothie’s and juices are my favourite type of drinks (other than cocktails of course)
AND that being said, I have a great post for you all today. It is in collaboration with Lifeway Kefir * and you most definitely have seen them in one of your local supermarkets. I was so happy to work with this brand as their products are right up my street, from their yoghurts (their passionfruit and mango one if my favourite) to their milk smoothies. If you wake up at 7:00am and don’t fancy breakfast, or have a long road trip ahead of you..these are perfect for you! PERFECT FOR EVERYONE!
They very kindly sent me 4 different flavours of their milk smoothies, all packed with protein and calcium. I want to talk about the different flavours and like any normal blogger, the packaging. One small thing that I thought was really cool, was that each smoothie correspondes to the colour of the fruit and the packaging. The strawberry one was red, the blueberry one was blue and as you can imagine, the mango one was orange. This is such a small factor, but I really liked that.

 F L A V O U R S


Strawberry Lowfat Kefir Milk Smoothie

250 ML

One of the main things that made me enjoy this smoothie a lot, was the taste of the strawberry. It was such a natural taste and tasted so strawberry, as if they had blended up a strawberry and just put it into a glass. It was such a sweet taste and I really liked it. Strawberry is one of those flavours that is very popular with everyone, whether that be ice cream, candles, lollies, or smoothies. This is perfect for those strawberry lovers

Original Lowfat Kefir Milk Smoothie 

250 ML

This one was very tangy because it didn’t have a flavour with it. It just tasted like tangy milk smoothie. This didn’t bother me, but this isn’t one that I would reach for as I definitely prefer them with a flavoure. I added this to my bowl of fruit and granola and found that it worked really well. It reminds me a lot of like Greek yoghurt, just in smoothie form.

Blueberry Lowfat Kefir Milk Smoothie 

250 ML

This one was my favourite. I am such a lover of anything blueberry. As I am typing this there is a blueberry candle currently burning in the room. I LOVE IT! This smoothie was definitely one that I would buy. I would love to drink this in the morning if I have a busy day and don’t have time for breakfast. The taste of it was really nice and when I finished it I was actually sad, I wanted more!

Mango Lowfat Kefir Milk Smoothie 

250 ML

This was also one of my favourites too because Mango is also fruit that I will eat all the time. I can never get enough mango. I liked this drink and the colour of it, it was a really nice orange colour and at the moment I am obsessed with orange. It tasted exactly like mango sorbet and I was here for it. I loved it and really really enjoyed drinking it! I even poured it into a glass and added an orange straw just to be extra!


The packaging was so consistent and I loved that. I loved the different colours of the bottles and think they look really cool next to each other. The colour of the packaging corresponds to the fruit. The look of the packaging is different to anything I have seen before, and I think it really stands out.

F I N A L  T H O U G H T S

I really enjoyed drinking these and tasting the different flavours. They were all (except the orignal one) very fruity and tasted really fresh. The sort of drink that you want to drink in the morning either with your breakfast or for it. I liked the amount you got inside each bottle, they has 250ml which I think is the perfect size. Another thing that I would like to add is after having a little browse on their website, I really like the way it is set out. Each product that you click on, it comes up with the full ingredients. You can see what is inside the smoothies, and how much of it there is. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been looking at the ingredients inside each smoothie for the last 10 minutes. I have never seen something so in depth and informative with regards to food before, and it is amazing that they have gone the extra mile.
Overall, I am very happy with these smoothies and definitely want to purchase some in the future. They are suitable for all people and I think these will be perfect for me when I am eating healthy and want a cheeky healthy smoothie.
Thank you so much, Lifeway Kefir for sending me these.

What are your thoughts? What flavour do you like the sound of?

Sophia xo

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  1. August 22, 2018 / 5:24 am

    Oooo you have convinced me, girlfriend!! These look SO good

    • August 23, 2018 / 11:12 pm

      They are so good! definitely worth a look at!

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