Let’s meet some celebs – Celebs Go Dating press launch


I am the biggest reality tv junkie ever.

Love Island.. yep my fave

Ex on the Beach..why the hell not?

Celebs go dating.. yes please!

Geordie Shore.. I need all the laughs, so go on then..

Ex on the Beach..sure why not?

The Only Way is Essex.. love the goss.

Keeping up with the Kardashians.. my go to for sure.

So on Friday 19th July, I got the opportunity to go to the press launch of Celebs Go Dating series 7, and it was a crazy experience. The launch was held at the Charlotte Hotel in London and It started at 9:30am and finished around mid afternoon. During this press launch we watched a screening of the first episode of series 7 which aires on the 5th August. If you haven’t seen Celebs Go Dating before then not only are you crazy, but you are missing out big time.

In brief: A number of different celebrities go to a dating agency where they receive help in order to find love. The love agents are Anna Williamson and Paul Bronson while Tom Read is the receptionist.
When we got to the event, we walked into a full room of people who were all chatting and having a good time. There was a great selection of brunch nibbles from smoothie bowls, to croissants to avocado on toast.. and amazing cupcakes. We were then taken into a screening room and we watched the first episode of series 7 and it was brilliant!


L I N E  U P

The line up for the new series, I think is the best line up yet. You have such a mixture of celebs which I think is going to make this series so successful.

Lee Ryan – Blue, Big Brother, Eastenders

Megan Barton Hanson – Love island 2018

Lady Colin Cambell – I know her for being on Im a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Jack Fincham – Love Island 2018

Nathan Henry – Geordie Shore

Lauren Godger – Towie

Chloe Sims & Demi Sims – Towie

This year they are doing couples therapy, which is a first on this show. I think this is definitely an interesting idea to bring to the show, but I still don’t know how I feel about it. Couples will be able to work on their relationships and the problems they have, this might be nice to see couples come out of the other side. However, personally I think that if you are having problems in a relationship you shouldn’t really be going on TV to try and fix those problems. Nevertheless, it was definitely make great TV.

Charlotte Crosby – Geordie Shore, Big Brother & Josh Ritchie – Ex on the Beach

Jermaine Pennant – I know him from being in Big Brother & Alice Goodwin – Model.



Having seen the show many times, I knew exactly what to expect. It was great to see some new celebs because they definitely differ each series from the next. When I saw the line up for this series, I was especially excited about Nathan from Gshore, Megan from Love Island and Lee from Blue.

Rob Beckett does the voice over for the show, he always does a fab job. Over the last couple of series, I definitely think he has upped his game with the comedy. He is more funny and he always seems to know what to say. I am very interested to see how everyones love lives progress as the first episode was very very good and when it ended I was like “noo” because I wanted to watch more. In this episode they go to their first mixer and have to mingle with a bunch of single ladies and gentleman and ask someone out on a date. There was one awkward part in particular where Lee asks a girl out on a date ( she looks exactly like Rihanna ) and she turns him down. HOW AWKWARD THOUGH?!


Q & A

After the screening we were spilt up and arranged onto different tables. Louise and myself were sat on a table with journalists from The Sun and The Sun Magazine. We spent about 10 minutes with two of the celebs and they were asked a number of questions. It was so surreal to be sat at a table with the celebs and the journalists, definitely a new experience for me. I understood that this was a press launch and that the whole reason for this launch was for the show to get publicity from the journalists. Because of this, I left like I couldn’t really be myself and ask the questions that I would have wanted to ask. The journalists were asking questions such as “Jack did you go on the show to get over Dani Dyer??” and they asked Megan, “why didn’t you could out Bi sexual when you were on Love Island?”.. I just wanted to ask when questions such as “what do you get up to on the weekend? or “what’s your favourite Netflix show to watch” I just wanted to have more of chatty relaxed conversations rather than professional ones. But that is what a press event is all about I guess.

“Omg she is one of the nicest people ever! don’t judge a book by its cover guys!”


While sitting with the celebs, I recorded about 30 seconds (not even that) of conversations that were going on on the table. This was for my instagram stories as I created a day in the life type vlog thing, if you would love to see it then click here and look for it on my highlights. I was so excited and kind of star struck to meet the celebs, just because I have grown up watching most of these on tv. If anything it was just a surreal, surreal, surreal experience!

Anna Williamson – she is one of the nicest people I have ever chatted to. She seems so down to earth and exactly like what I expected her to be like in real life. I also listen to her pod cast called Loose Lips and I love it. I think she is brilliant and such a good person on the show. I definitely prefer her and Paul at the agency compared to who was at the agency before. She was very open and even said that she was willing to answer any questions. She spoke a little bit about the controversy regarding the Nadia and Eden situation and celebs wanting to date other celebs on the show.

Paul Bronson – I didn’t actually get a chance to talk to him because I think he left early. However, throughout the morning he was more than happy to smile at me and he seemed like a really down to earth guy.

Tom Read – omg, he is one of the nicest people I have met. He is exactly like what he is like on the show. I could listen to him talk all day (he has such a posh, well spoken voice) He was so so so nice! when he came to our table he was so easy to talk to and was so friendly, at the end of the chat I felt like he was my best friend.

Rob Beckett – I believe this is the first event that Rob has attended publicly. He is really nice and funny which sounds about right because he is a comedian. It was nice to talk to him and see what he gets up to. He says that he doesn’t ever see the celebs, he only narrates the show in a tiny room for hours on end. He seems like he loves what he does and he does really bring alot to the show.

Lee Ryan – he was sooo nice and after the press launch he followed me on instagram ( I know right!! I nearly fainted ). I have grown up listening to Blue and seen him on a number of different shows. He seemed like how I would expect him to be in real life. Honest, able to hold his own and just constantly wanting to better himself. He made me and Louise feel so comfortable like he genuinely wanted to talk to us. He had so much to say, it was nice listening to him talk.

Megan Bartan Hansen – she was absolutely gorgeous! she spoke alot about her sexual preferences when sitting at the table. She was asked about Wes and whether he actually turned her bi sexual, to which she answered no she knew that she was bi sexual before. She actually told us that she was asked to go on Love Island a year earlier, but she thinks she got turned down because she mentioned that she was bi sexaual – so when she went on Love Island 2018 she played it out that she only liked guys as it was easier.

Lady Colin Cambell – it was such a pleasure talking to her and it was interesting to hear her opinions (most of which were about Megan Markle).  I have seen her on TV before on I’m a Celebrity get me out of here but I don’t actually know who she is, if you get what I mean. We spoke to her the longest, I think she was on our table for like 15 minutes.

Jack Fincham – I was really excited to meet Jack. When Love Island is on, it is a big part of my life. I love the show and so when I saw Jack I was bit like omg omg ( but to myself you know ). When we were talking to him on the table he was asked by the journalists, if he went on Celebs Go Dating to get over Dani Dyer and he refused to answer. He didn’t want to answer the question and told the journalists multiple times to stop asking him questions about her as it was irrelevant. His manager then got involved and told them to stop asking questions about her too. This did cause a little bit of tension, but nothing extremely bad. He was also the only celeb that asked me to stop recording and turn it off, as he found it “tense” so I respectfully turned it off. Towards the end of the conversation he kind of lost interest in what we were all talking about and decided to get up and go to another table, while shouting bye at us. I was abit disappointed with how meeting him went to be honest, but it isn’t the end of the world.

Nathan Henry – omg I was so excited to see him. I love him on Geordie Shore! when he came over to the table he was very chatty and seemed like he does on tv, but you could tell that he was being professional at the same time. When talking about the show I said that if it was me I would have to get absolutely drunk to date strangers and he said that you wouldn’t think so and that it was easier than you think. He told us that alot of people he dates on the show are either fans or don’t know him at all. I wish we could have spoke to him alot longer, and i’m not going to lie I really wanted a picture with him LOL.

Lauren Godger – I feel like Lauren is the OG of reality TV, she has been in this game for a while. I used to think that Lauren was a little bit stuck up, HOWEVER, omg she is one of the nicest people ever! dont judge a book by its cover guys! she is so lovely and just genuinely willing to talk. She is very open about her relationships and she is also so confident, WHICH I BLOODY LOVE! she is sooo down to earth! we actually had a conversation in the toilet, she told me that she hates watching herself on tv and that she never does it. I was really surprised by Lauren, but in a good way!

Demi Sims – i’m not going to lie, I didnt know who she was and that is because I haven’t watched the latest series of Towie. I didn’t know she was Chloe Sim’s sister until they mentioned it at the table. She is really lovely though and honest. Anna said that Demi was probably one of the realist, truthful celebs on the show.

Chloe Sims – I didn’t get to talk to her, however I did meet her a couple of years ago at a sort of meet and greet event in my local town. She was nice and very smiley.

Sam Thompson also made an appearance , no not for coming back this series.. but because he actually works backstage on the show now. He came running on while filming an instagram story (which I was actually in, not that im happy about it or anything LOL) he seemed very hyper, like he is on tv. I walked past him a couple of times, it was very surreal.

Jermain Pennant – I have previously seen him on Big Brother and I must say that probably wasn’t his finest time on TV. My opinions on his were.. well when he went on Big Brother he cheated on his wife.. so I guess you can get what my opinions are of him.  At the table he spoke about how he is trying to better his relationship with his wife as he would like to have kids in the future.

Alice Goodwin – I didn’t know who she was, but she was always with Jermain that I guessed she was his partner. I have never seen her before so when I did I kept asking Louise who she was. She spoke very openly about their relationship and how Jermain has cheated on her and how they are looking to better their relationship. She also spoke about how the show has helped her to become a little bit more flirtier with Jermain as this is something that has got lost in their relationship.

Alot of times throughout the morning I kept saying to myself in my head “omg … is standing right over there” , “omg… … is right behind me..” , “omg, he just looked right at me..” sounds so silly I know, but trust me.. you would be the same! HAHA!


what a mugshot lol, had to be uploaded though

I was surprised to not see any other bloggers at the press launch as I was told there would be some there. I think me and Louise were the only ones there because everyone else were journalists.

I had such an amazing time at this launch, it is definitely an experience to remember. I will definitely be more prepared if I attend another press launch as I will know what to expect.

So tell me.. what are your thoughts after reading this post? who would you be excited to meet?

Sophia xo 


  1. August 5, 2019 / 5:43 pm

    Woah, this is such an exciting insight into the world of reality TV! I bloody love Celebs Go Dating too but am gutted that Joey Essex isn’t making an appearance this year.

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