JeffreeXShane Conspiracy Collection Review

There has been a VERY, VERY, VERY long wait for this makeup collaboration. Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson literally broke the internet and when I say that I mean, I waited 3 hours for a palette and a lipstick. Waiting to try and get something from their collection was stressful because I really wanted something and the whole Beauty Bay website broke. I have been watching their series on YouTube and I was like “I NEED THAT GOD DAMN PALETTE”- So after waiting for so long, I finally managed to get the Conspiracy Palette and one lipstick in the shade Ryland.

The palette retails for £48

The lipstick retails for £16.

The Box Packaging

I thought the packaging to the palette was pretty cute. It is different to anything I have seen before. I like the way the top slides off and then the palette is just inside a white case. I am kind of in two minds because I feel like the packaging is brilliant, but it does feel like of cheap. The cardboard is really flimsy, so if you are someone who keeps box packaging to palettes then I don’t think this will last you as long as you hope.

I absolute love the lipstick box packaging, it is in pretty standard for Jeffree Star Cosmetics packaging for their lipsticks. The pattern on the box looks similar to the mini controversy palette, with the static lines. Both box packaging of the products ties In really nicely to the theme of conspiracy.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

The palette packaging

The packaging of this palette is INSANE! if you have been following their series then you will know that Shane struggled when it came to the packaging for this palette, however.. I am so happy that Andrew and Shane went with this packaging for the palette- it is brilliant and so creative. I kind of love the size of it, it is really thick and really is a statement palette. I am guessing that this palette is pretty similar to his Blood Sugar palette. I know it is going to look crazy with my current other eyeshadow palettes. I love Shanes logo on the front of the palette, it stands out so much. The black clasps definitely add a good little touch to the palette. I think they nailed the packaging for the palette.

The lipstick packaging

I love Jeffree Stars liquid lipstick packaging. It is pretty standard to his normal packaging, but it has a black chrome lid with Shane Dawson written on the lid. It just looks so sophisticated and cool with a black chrome lid.

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“Alot of these shades are new to my collection and I have had so much fun playing around with the shades.”

Lipstick colour

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

This colour is FREAKING STUNNING! This is a metallic shade and I don’t normally wear metallic shades, they aren’t really my jam. However, I kind of wanted to be a little bit daring and get something I wouldn’t normally wear and just mix it up a little bit really. This shade of lipstick is a lovely light pink, rose goldy colour. It has little flecks of gold inside and it looks crazy in the light. This colour is very light and for my skin tone, however – I am going to rock it (try to lol)

I have been wearing a nude lipstick with this in the centre and I am loving it so far. If you have used Jeffrees lipsticks before, it has the same longevity and it is so comfortable to wear. Very light weight.

Colours in the palette

A couple of things to mention about the colours and shades in this palette. I love that you can really see that this is Shanes palette and these are his own ideas with regards to the names and colours. If you watch Shane on YouTube, then you will understand alot of the names to the shades. Within the actual colours, there are different embellishments that have been stamped into the shades. There is a variety of different stamps, from coke cans, to pigs, to a cup of tea – I love that. The only thing I will say is that, at first I didn’t want to even use the palette because I knew as soon as I did the stamps would disappear, and they do.

There is quite alot of kick back in the pan, which is so different to Jeffree’s normal palettes. Since having this palette I have started doing my eye shadow first because there is alot of fall out on your face. 

Some of the mattes are patchy and need a bit more work. I think because this is a pressed pigment palette, patting your eyeshadow on rather then blending it will work better. The shimmers are fricking incredible, so buttery and pigmented! and there is some really unique shades here. 

I really like the way that the palette is set up. The first row is more of an every day colour row. The second is your pops of colour and the last row remind me of Christmas. You can definitely create such a mixture of looks which this palette, there is such a variety.

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RANCH – Shimmer

A blinding white shimmer. Perfect as a highlighter on the inner corners etc.. could even use as a face highlighter.

MY PILLS – matte

A baby pink matte, ever so slightly pink. I don’t have anything like this in my collection so happy about this shade.

TANACON – matte

An every day beige matte shade. I have actually been using this as bronzer, it is amazing. A good shade to have in this palette.


A darker beige matte shade. An every day colour to wear

JUST A THEORY – Shimmer 

A gorgeous rose gold shimmer. So blinding!


A dark brown shimmer with silver reflects in it. perfect for a smokey eye.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset


A gorgeous light green shimmer. Such a gorgeous colour and something new to add to my collection as I don’t have a colour like this.

PIG-MENT – Matte

A barbie pink shade.


A neon yellow shade. This shade isn’t as bright as it looks in the pan and there is definitely a little patchiness to it. Patt rather when blend. it can be a bit tedious to work with.

TRISHA – Shimmer

A dark pink shimmer – also new to my collection


A matte orange shade, literally looks like a wotsit colour


A dark pink, ever so slightly red matte. I think this shade has been described as a red, wouldn’t say it is a red I would say it is a dark raspberry colour with a hint of red. Definitely looks more bright in the pan than it is once used.

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A lovely baby blue matte.

DIET COLA – Shimmer

A blinding silver shimmer – this is such an incredible shade.

NOT A FACT – Matte

A dark purple matte shade. New to my collection and have been wearing this alot.


A light purple shimmer and when it hits the light it has a gold shimmer. This colour looks so different in the pan, I was expecting a dark brown shimmer. Im not complaining as this aide is one of my favourites.


A dark forest green shimmer


A black matte. Super pigmented.

Is this palette for you?

If you love Shane Dawson, then 100% this palette is for you. I feel like this is literally Shane Dawson in a palette.

If you are a sucker for packaging, then yes you 100% need this palette in your life as the packaging is actual GOALS!

If you love being versatile with your looks, then yeah you can create some wicked looks with this palette. There is a look for every occasion.

If you are someone who hates kick back in the pan and hates fall out on the face, you might not get along with this palette and there is quite alot of that. Personally, it doesn’t really bother me alot so I can work with it.


I am super happy with this palette. Alot of these shades are new to my collection and I have had so much fun playing around with the shades. Some of the mattes are hard to work with and little under whelming, but this palette overall is brilliant. The shimmers are really good and there are so many looks that I can create with it. The price point I think is pretty standard for a Jeffree Star palette and also because it is a collab with Shane, so the price is to be expected.

The lipstick is also really good, I wish I had brought Are You Filming aswell because that shade looked gorgeous. Maybe when there is a restock!

Did you pick anything up from the collection?

sophia xo


  1. November 12, 2019 / 4:08 pm

    Great review! I completely agree about the fallout, it’s pretty annoying and I expected better from a Jeffree palette to be honest. I’ve had to completely change how I do my makeup when I use it too, as I’ve always been a foundation first kind of gal. Excited to keep using the more vibrant shades though for sure! xx

  2. November 13, 2019 / 6:27 pm

    I love the color of the lipstick! Very pretty!!

  3. November 13, 2019 / 6:58 pm

    I’ve been wanting this palette, but realized that I’d rather wait for it, since I have so many palettes. I don’t need to get it right this instance. Especially when I have so many shadows to work with anyways! Great post, I love reading your thoughts on this. I’m surprised to hear that the shadows aren’t exactly the same to Jeffree’s normal formula! I assumed it’s made in the same lab as his other things, so I wonder why that is. Great post ! xxx

    Melina |

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