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Howletts Zoo


For mothers day my whole family went to Howletts zoo in Canterbury and it was honestly lovely. I know mothers day was so long ago now, but I thought it would be nice to have a cheeky throwback.

Although we didn’t get to see every animal there, we didn’t mind because we saw some lovely animals such as the elephants and rhinos, and I know they are quite rare to see at zoos.

If you haven’t been there before, then you NEED to go! It is such a good day out and there is a lot of stuff you can get involved with while being there. There are countless cafes around the zoo that all offer different foods and drinks. There is a section of the zoo that has a Go Ape type of activity, where you climb through the trees and there is a massive park in the middle of the zoo- something there for everyone! even better if you go on a sunny day 🙂 luckily, we did go on a sunny day. They also have two big gift shops around the zoo, so if you find some cool things you can have a litte spend up.

I had so much fun there, it was lovely to be there with all of my family and travel somewhere that had a bit of a drive aswell. My camera died, which was quite annoying so I only managed to get a couple of pictures – these were not all the animals we saw.


THIS WAS THE BEST CARROT CAKE SLICE EVER!!! IT WAS SOOOO DELICIOUS. It had cranberries and pumpkin seeds on top, which I have never had on top of this cake before, but it was the best. Also I grabbed a skinny caramel latte, one of my favessss!


I understand this picture is REALLY REALLY bad quality!! but I had to upload it as I could not have a picture of the rhinos! They were really far away so I had to zoom in on my phone, damn you camera..


If you are an animal lover and are looking to donate, adopt an animal, or held a fundraising event- head to their website and check it out-  https://www.aspinallfoundation.org/the-aspinall-foundation/


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