How to find the perfect holiday for you


Going on holiday is something that should be fun and exciting, but when you don’t know where you want to go it can sometimes be stressful.
At the moment, my boyfriend and I are currently at this stage. We don’t really know where we want to go, but we know we want to go somewhere hot and exciting. So while in this position, I have put together a little ‘check list’ if you will, for how I would find the perfect holiday. I have been looking at HolidayGems which I have found to be really quick and easy to use, and very easy to navigate the website.

1. Do you have travel insurance? do you have health insurance?


2. Why do you want to go on holiday? What sort of holiday are you looking for?

– A hot holiday? 
Do you want to so somewhere hot because if you live in the UK, I can understand why. There is never any sun!!
– A relaxing holiday?
What about somewhere, just to relax with no distractions?
– An adventurous holiday?
Do you want to explore, try something new on this holiday, make a difference and maybe do some volunteering?!
– Get away from it all holiday?
Do you want a quiet holiday, maybe somewhere you have never been before in a quiet place, to get away from it all?

3. Do you want to go somewhere you have been before or go somewhere new?

– If you want to go somewhere you have been before, look at old holiday pictures and see if there is any places you would love to revisit. If you want to try something new then the searching starts!

4. Who is this holiday for?

Think about who this holiday is for, is it for just you and a partner? or is it for you and your kids? thinking about this will definitely help with where you want to go. If it is just you and a partner, will you want somewhere relaxing or to get away from it all? If it is you and your kids, do you want somewhere hot with maybe a water park? if it is you and a group of friends, do you want somewhere that is known for being great party places?

5. Before you go looking for holidays have a look at the holiday deals online.

– You can search for the latest deals and HolidayGems have a whole section on it. Deals from certain airports, deals for large families, deals for bank holiday holidays.

6. The filters

– What is your board basis? do you want to go all inclusive? do you want to go self-catered?, or bed and breakfast only?
– What is your flight duration? how long can you stand to be on a plane haha? if you are a long haul sort of person then you can literally go anywhere, if you prefer shorter flights then there still are great places to go with a short flight duration.
– What dates are you looking to go? – this will change the price of the holiday. If you go in the school holiday/term time the price will be more expensive and if you go maybe around the end of the year/when people are still in school then it will be cheaper. How long do you want to go for? a week, 4 days, 2 weeks?
– Where you are flying from or two?
– How many rooms will you be needing?
– Do you have any special requirements? 

Once you have done those and had a flick through some of the holidays that come up after the filters. You may have found one you like the look of, GREAT! If you haven’t, keep looking!

Once you have found one then you can start looking at all of the other bits.
If it is a hot holiday for example, how far is the nearest beach from where you will be staying?
Distance from the resort centre?
Distance from the airport and distance to the nearest town?
How many restaurants does it have? – I like there to be a good variety of restaurants as you don’t want to get bored with the same food, and you want to try something new! the more to be better for me.
What is the accommodation like? any special requirements? 
What facilities do they offer? 

If you think you have found the perfect holiday for you then BOOK IT!

This post is in collaboration with HolidayGems.

Sophia xo

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