How to “Fake it, until you make it”

We have all had those days where we just genuinely don’t feel too good and this could come down to anything. It could be that you are on your period, you might have a massive spot on your chin, you might be going through a breakup, or just genuinely feeling a little low. We all get like this and it may take a couple of days to come back from how you are feeling. Don’t forget, everyone gets like this once in a while. You are not alone in that. People just disguise it. Before I got back into the gym, I felt so out of shape. Over the Christmas period, it was the longest time that I hadn’t worked out and I could feel myself getting really unfit. I really wanted to look amazing even when I didn’t feel amazing and I figured out how. Obviously the goal is to feel your best ever self, you want to look and feel amazing. However, if you aren’t feeling your best but want to show others that you are on top of your game… what’s the harm in that? This post is for all of you out there that basically want to “fake it till you make it” and there is nothing wrong with that (just as long as you are really trying to get yourself back on track)

So how??

W E A R  A  C U T E  O U T F I T

Wearing a cute outfit when you aren’t feeling the best is great. If you are popping into town and you just dont really fancy it, trust me! wear a cute outfit and you will be strutting your stuff! Be as extra as you want, put on some ankle boot heels and wear all the jewellery that you love. You want to go out and get people thinking “damn, she is taking the day by the horns” and you can do this exactly by what you are wearing. My “FEELING SHIT, BUT WANT TO LOOK GOOD OUTFIT” might sound something like this…

  • JEANS (high-waisted, ALWAYS!)
  • LOTS OF JEWELLERY (I wear my fave rings, my watch, a couple of layered necklaces and earrings.)
  • COFFEE IN HAND (Coffee isn’t just for a drink, but it is a staple when looking like you have your life together, is that just me?!)

I feel so much better when I have my outfit well put together because I made an effort to look the bomb! you will feel so much more confident just from wearing a cute outfit, you will literally feel like you can take on the day. Whenever I wear ankle boot heels I feel like I am ready for the outside world. I am confident, I can rock anything and I am positive. If you are getting over a breakup, this is such a good way to appear to others that you are over that! Don’t worry, I got you!

D O  Y O U R  M A K E U P

One thing I love about every single day, is doing my makeup. (may sound a little obsessive) BUT you are reading a blog post from a makeup addict here. I love sitting down, relaxing and really focusing on my thoughts for the day. I love getting creative and being able to do anything that I want to do. I like doing my makeup because I know I feel so much more confident and pretty when I have it on, so why would I not? also getting creative with eyeshadow looks is my fave thing ever. My “FEELING SHIT, BUT WANT TO LOOK GOOD MAKE UP CHOICE” might sound a little like this..

  • PRIME, FOUNDATION, CONCEALER (Having a good base is so important)
  • BRONZER, A TAD OF BLUSHER AND LOTS OF HIGHLIGHTER (I like to be glowing into space)
  • A CREATIVE EYESHADOW LOOK – Burgundy eye, brown smokey eye, golden eye look)
  • RED LIP (In the hope that it doesn’t clash with my eyeshadow if it does, then a nude)
  • SETTING SPRAY (That makeup has to stay on all day)

When your makeup is done you will feel and look so much better. Of course if you dont want to wear makeup, then dont! flaunt your natural beauty, there is nothing wrong with that. But having makeup on will make yourself look well put together and like you are ready for the day. It will also make you feel beautiful and confident.


D O  Y O U R  H A I R

I 100% know that I look so much better when I have taken time out of my day to give my hair some attention. If I straighten or curl my hair, I instantly feel better. I hate it when my hair is just in a pony tail and it looks as if I haven’t done anything with it. Doing something nice with your hair will make you feel so much better because you will know that you actually made an effort with it. My “FEELING SHIT, BUT WANT TO LOOK HAIR CHOICE” might sound a little like this..

  • CURLY, CURLY, CURLY! ( Curls for me are the way forward. I WILL either plait it the night before and it will be curly in the morning, or I will curl it the night before or on the same day depending on how much time I have the next day. Plaiting my hair will give me more volume and after a day ‘beach style vibes’ and I love this because it is semi messy but still really nice. Curling my hair will make my hair look well put together and sleek. )

H I T  T H E  G Y M

Sometimes when we are feeling crappy the last thing we are going to want to go is hit the gym, however, after you have been you will feel 10000’s times better. Going to the gym is better for you mentally and physically, so every time you go you are working towards your goal whether that is mentally or physically. I feel like when you go to the gym you automatically feel inside like you have got your shit together,  even if you don’t you will feel like you have. Others will look at you and think you have to. That you are taking time out of your day to focus on bettering yourself. Over time your body will change and you will feel better because of this. My “FEELING SHIT, BUT WANT TO WORKOUT ROUTINE” might sound a little like this..

  • BUM DAY (yes dedicate a whole day to working your glutes, this also involves a little bit of legs too)


  • AB DAY



It depends how I am feeling, but I tend to not really be hitting the weights as hard as I normally would. Especially when I am feeling crap. I will make sure to do at least 30 minutes of cardio before. Let me know if you would like some posts dedicated to my workouts.

S M I L E  &   L A U G H

When you are laughing and smiling you feel happy! so surround yourself with people you love and just have a good time. Laughing and smiling will instantly make you feel better and it will make you look amazing too, people look attractive when they are smiling and laughing. You will instantly forget the reason why you might be feeling crappy and focus on the moment you are currently living. Just be silly and try to forget about your problems. Even if you and a friend are only heading out for a coffee.

 B E   C O N F I D E N T

This is such an important one even if you aren’t feeling confident, just act confident and you will look confident. Confidence will literally be beaming off of you and people will notice it. Just be yourself but a more confident version, you don’t want to shy away and not let your personality come through at all. After a while you will start to become more confident.


Sometimes in life, we all have to “fake it, until you make it” but it is important to note that your motivation and heart has to be in the right place. You might be wanting to fake it for a short period of time, in the hope that this might motivate you and change what the realty is. You have to be invested in changing yourself on the inside and not to just create an illusion to other people.

What is your go to tip for looking amazing even when you don’t feel amazing?

Sophia xo


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  1. January 24, 2019 / 11:38 pm

    For me, it’s in the power of the mind. Think happy thoughts. Do something that makes me feel happy. Looking at my child or husband does this. I also sometimes put extra effort into outward appearance and take selfies – they make me feel good. I always convince myself to smile no matter what…it does make things feel better.

  2. January 30, 2019 / 12:56 am

    I’m definitely with you! My go-to tips would be super similar to yours! I do my hair and makeup. Wear a cute outfit. Go to the gym. Another thing I think I would add is write in my journal. It helps me faze out those negative thoughts I’m having. Great post Sohpia xxx

    Melina |

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