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I had seen for the longest time on instagram that people were using this cleansing tool, so when PMD asked me if I wanted to try their Rose Quartz Clean Pro– I was all for it.  I am glad that I did because it is incredible! so, I have been using this facial cleanser for over a month now and I am obsessed with it. I use it every single night for my night time routine.

This facial cleanser is double sided- one side being the silicone facial cleanser and the other side being rose quartz. It’s brilliant that this device can break down the dirt and oil from your pours, while reducing tension and inflammation. This device has 3 different settings in which it vibrates which is good because you can decide which setting your prefer. This device retails for £165.

The box packaging to the device is really smart. It comes in a box (similar to an iPhone box) and the device sits inside, inside a plastic case which I think is really good. Perfect if you are travelling or even if you just want to keep it clean and in good condition. I love that this comes with this case. The charger and all of the information is inside the box.

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I love how pretty it is. It is a matte baby pink colour and I think it looks so lovely on your bathroom dresser. The actual device itself is silicone which is good because it means that makeup and everything else can easily be wiped off.  On one side there are silicone little bumps and on the other side there is a big rose quartz crystal. On the bottom of the device there is a rose gold strip where you charge the device, so snazzy I love it. The device itself is amazing quality and very sturdy, I know I could take this away with me and it would be ok.

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As I said, I have been using this device for over a month now and i have found the most effective way to use this device to the best way possible. The first thing I love to do (especially in the evening) is use the Clinique rinse-off foaming cleanser on my face and use the device. I love using this cleanser because it really gets rid of all of my makeup and it foams up nicely. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and tight after which is good. I like to use the second setting on the device because I find that I get maximum use out of the device.

I will wash my face and then rub the cleanser on my face. I then use the tool on the second setting and just gentle move it across the whole of my face. You can really use this tool as hard or soft as you like.  I love using this device to cleanse my face for a number of reasons:

  1. It removes my makeup effortlessly
  2. It removes the dirt from my pores, I have noticed that the black heads that I have on my nose have reduced
  3. My face feels throughly cleaned afterwards and even if I use a liquid exfoliator or a toner afterwards, no makeup residue comes off. – meaning that the device has throughly removed all makeup.
  4. It just gets the blood flowing in my face and makes my face feel nice and plump.

The different settings

Setting 1 : vibrates continuously at a fast pace

Setting 2 : vibrates continuously but at a faster pace

Setting 3 : pulsates at a fast pace

Setting 4 : pulsates at a faster pace 

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The rose quartz crystal on the back is actually really cool, I got extra excited about this part on the device. One thing I absolutely love about the rose crystal is that it is always cold! yes I know that sounds weird, but it means that whenever I put it onto my face it really cools and calms my face. This is perfect if I have just come back from the gym and my face is really red and really hot. I really like using this side of the device after I have used my moisturiser because I find it is really massages my face and it feels so nice.

After I have cleansed my face I will then get a dollop of my Origins Ginzing gel moisturiser and use the rose quartz side of the device on my face. I like to use this on the third setting as it pulsates fast and it feels really nice on my face. I would highly recommend using a gel based moisturiser because it has a thin consistency and find them to be more effective. They sink into the skin quicker and are better for my dry skin compared to a lotion moisturiser. My faves are this one and the Clinique moisture surge, both are wicked!

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The battery life is INCREDIBLE. I use it every single night and I have charged it once!, ONCE! since having it. That is amazing and I love that the battery life is so long. It can be charged at the bottom of the device, there is a little pin that sticks into the bottom. This can be charged through an apple plug or into the side of your laptop or if you have USB port next to your bed – that is perfect. It basically charges into a USB hole. When the device is charging a little light appears where the button is to turn it on and the light also appears every time you press the button.

I love using this clean pro device, it has become such a staple in my night time skincare routine. You can definitely use it as park of your morning routine, maybe to apply your moisturiser, but I find that I have more time in the evening. I use this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! without fail.

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Thank you so much to PMD for sending me this device, I genuinely love it and rave about it to every everyone.

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What is one thing you HAVE to do, when it comes to your nighttime skincare routine? 

sophia xo

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