Handbag essentials you never knew you needed

These are a couple of things that I always have in my handbag..

Bread crumbs, hair grips, old receipts, chocolate crumbs, hair bands and loose change..

lol, only joking..

No but seriously, over the last couple of weeks I have narrowed my handbag down to essential things that I actually need. These are things that you never thought that you needed, until now. We all carry different things around in our bags right? a little packet of tissues, a nude lipstick, a protein bar or even a pair of headphones and this definitely applies to me. I think I counted 17 nude lipsticks in my handbag once. Were these essential?? yup.. most definitely! (she says sarcastically)


This bag was a gift for my birthday from my friend and I literally love it so much. It is a smaller size back pack which I find that I carry the most essential things in because I don’t have room for all of the rubbish, you know? I believe it is from Typo.

What are the four essential things that I never knew I needed then?? let’s hear it..

 H A N D  S A N I T I S E R 

I love a good hand san for multiple reasons. You should always carry one around with you because you will ALWAYS need it. If you think about the germs that you pick up in your day to day life, it is actually crazy. You may be going to the supermarket or meeting a friend for lunch or you might even have a driving lesson.. you can always whip out your hand san and give your hands a little clean. You are potentially stopping yourself from getting germs and most likely getting ill, nobody wants that do they? Carrying this stuff around with me almost makes me feel protected because I know that I am getting rid of the germs on my hands. I have this little one from Bath and Body Works and I am obsessed, it smells super summery and makes me feel like I am on holiday. Get one that you love and you will always want to use it. The size is perfect for my bag. There are no excuses!


“Because I take pictures all the time and am always constant on social media, battery packs are literally a life saver for me!” 

T W I S T  &  S P R I T Z #gifted

This little component is super cool and I love the idea of it. If I have a perfume indoors that is too big to carry around in my bag then I can transfer the liquid from it into this bottle. I can then carry this around with me and have a spritz throughout the day.  At the moment I currently have a Ted Baker perfume inside and this makes me happy. I love that I can change up the perfumes inside whenever I want. This will most probably save you some money aswell because you wont need to pick up a body mist while you are out. This is great for taking to the gym, keeping in your car, giving yourself a spray before heading into work. You will always need a little spray throughout the day. In saying all of this, I am sure that you could probably clean it and just put fresh water in it. This would be amazing for after gym! and it is also saving the planet as you are reusing this one. This is the perfect size for my bag and the bright purple means that it stands out and I wont lose it inside my bag.


R U B I S  S C I S S O R S #gifted

Carrying scissors around with you is something that you don’t realise that you need, until you have them with you. There were so many occasions before where I needed scissors and I just didn’t have any. Since then, I have kept this little item in my bag and I have used them on multiple occasions. Once again, they will ALWAYS come in handy. If you are shopping and need to cut tags off, BRILL! or if you need to trim your nails while waiting for a friend, BRILL! if you have gone to collect a parcel and are like me (where you need scissors because trying to peel the tape is frustrating) then you will have your scissors to open it. You can literally use these for anything and I mean anything! I love these scissors as not only do they come in this clear little bag, which is so handy! they are so comfortable to hold. With normal scissors that I get from my nearest shop I always find that they start to hurt my thumbs, these ones don’t which is good.


B A T T E R Y  P A C K 

I feel like most people will probably carry one of these around. I love carrying around a battery pack, it makes me feel so much better when I am out. If my phone battery runs out, I know I can charge it if I need to. These are very handy for days out or even nights out. They come in all shapes and sizes and are really worth it. I recently took this one to Chessington and I used nearly all of it. Where I take pictures all the time and am always constant on social media, battery packs are literally a life saver for me!



What is one thing you always keep in your bag no matter what???

Sophia xo 


  1. July 3, 2019 / 10:21 pm

    I love the little hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works! They’re perfect for carrying in a bag.

    • July 12, 2019 / 9:57 am

      How cute are they?? such a cool little size!

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