Festive scents | Blogmas day 4

Hello guys and welcome to Blogmas day 4

One thing I absolutely love about Christmas is that you get all of the different festive scents. You get the Christmas candles, the Christmas air freshners and the Christmas wax melts! If you know me that you will know that I have a bit of an obsession with candles, I have summer candles in a bag under my bed ready for next summer. So this year for Blogmas I thought it would only be wise for me to include a festive scents blog post and so far I am most excited about this one and hopefully you guys will be too. I haven’t seen anyone else do this so lets hope that I am being original here, but probably not…
I have put together a couple of candles, wax melts and air fresheners that I have and know they smell amazing! I love that these sorts of things can really change your mood into a Christmasy mood in a matter of seconds.

Wilko Gingerbread candle

I love this candle, 1) because I smells so accurate to a gingerbread man that is is slightly confusing how they have got it so accurate and 2) it was £1!!!! £1 is such a good price fora candle and it may not be the biggest size candle ever but it does smell amazing and therefore can go out and repurchase it. I would 1000% recommend getting this candle as it is £1 and you can’t really go wrong with a Christmas gingerbread candle can you?  They also have another candle which is  apple and cinnamon but I have so many of those scents that I wanted to try something different. They are great for blog pictures also!

Airwick Bucks Fizz fragrance 

THIS SMELLS INCREDIBLE. I got this one from Asda and they are normally on offer for around £2 but they last such a long time. I always like to keep these fragrances in my room, just to give my room a good spray every now and again and they last forever. I have two others ones that I used throughout the summer that I still haven’t used up yet. THIS SMELLS AMAZING  and it smells and is also so accurate to how Bucks fizz smells,  so every time I smell it literally smells like Bucks fizz. I like spraying this before I go to bed as it is a cheerful fruity smell that I think is nice to have lingering in your room before you hit the hay.

Air Wick iced gingerbread cookies

This is another candles that I absolutely love. I was actually burning this one throughout the whole of October and November and I am just less than half way. It has such a strong smell that fills up your room with such a warm christmasy smell and I LOVE IT. It doesn’t smell as much like gingerbread as the other one does, but this on has more of a spicy  smell to it. I think this was £2 from savers, but it is definitely worth the money as these little candles do really kick up a scent.

Glade Apple and Cinnamon Wax Melts

My mum has been using these for years and thank you mum for getting me obsessed with those. Every year, this is one candle/wax melt that we will 100% pick up and this is Christmas in a scent. I love wax melts and this is the perfect scent for this time of year. You get six in a pack and I  tend to use two each time as I don’t think one is enough and I like it to smell strong. I CAN NOT EVEN EXPLAIN TO YOU HOW LONG THESE LAST, they last longer than anything I have ever known. Just two of them will literally last over a year and I’m not even exaggerating. I also pinched my mums really cool gingerbread wax melt burner because it is the most festive thing I have ever seen in my life, I think it is so cute! The wax melts are really strong and really worth the money, this is my all time Christmas scent- apple and cinnamon,

Glade Homemade Biscuit  Spray

I think the packaging for this air freshener is so festive and really cute so well done Glade for getting those packaging points. This is a newer one that I have discovered and it smells really nice. It has such a sweet scent that i really like, normally christmasy scents can be really warm spicy smelling but I like that this one is different. It has a really sweet vanilla smell which I like, it is nice and refreshing. If you aren’t into the warm spicey smelling scents then this one is good for you and it was only £1 from Wilkos again.

Fireside Marshmallows Candle

I did a whole post on this candle so if you want to read it in more detail then click here bit this candle is literally a Bath and Body works dupe , which makes me happy because I need more Bath and Body works in my life but also makes me sad that we don’t have a store here in the UK. This candle is a two wick candle, which is even better and they last a life time. They are such big candles and have a really nice scent to them. I got this one for £3.99 but it really is worth the money. My sister moans every time I light this candle as she doesn’t like the scent, but I LOVE it!!

 Apple and Cinnamon Freshner

This has been an essential for Christmas time since as long as I can remember. Every year when these start hitting the stores my mum is always first to grab a couple. These are so so good and you literally need them, forget your milk or your toilet roll this is more essential haha.. These air fresheners are always on sale for like £2 which is really good as they last forever, this one is actually from Aldi but we normally get the one from Tescos. They can get you in a christmasy mood within seconds and that’s why I love these so much. It is Christmas in a bottle lol.

Yankee Candle Votives

All of the ones that I have aren’t christmasy, but I wanted to include this anyway. These little candles are great and you can pick them up from pretty much any Asda or Tescos. They are little Yankee candles that are a bit bigger than tea light candles but smaller than your normal average sized candle. I would suggest putting them into a little candle holder because when you burnt them, they melt quick and they spread outwards ( you know when something melts, it like goes flat, well yes that is what I am trying to describe ) In Asda they are about £1 and they have such a big variety. They have a candle for every scent, I really like their Christmas Candy Cane ones and their Christmas Wreath ones. I would 100% check these out as you can get them from pretty much every where, they last a good amount of time for the size that they are. For a little homely touch, these are good little candles.
Of course this wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t include this…. I brought a Christmas air fresher for my car because, because why wouldn’t you?! 

Febreze Car Clip Spiced Apple Air Freshener 

I can’t even explain how excited I was to open this and put it in my car. It is such a great idea, so you can be feeling Christmassy wherever you go, so why not buy an air freshener for your car? I was a bit sad when I opened it and put it in my car to find out that it didn’t really smell like spiced apple BUT it does have a really nice warm berry scent and it has made my car smell amazing. This was £2 from Asda and it is pretty good considering it has made my car smell nice, but I wouldn’t say it was spiced apple. Yes I am the sort of person that will buy a cool air freshener for my car whether this be a Halloween one or a Christmas one, it’s the little things in life you know…
I hope you have enjoyed this post, because I am so excited about it. What are your favourite Christmas scents, and did I miss any?! 

Sophia xo 

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  1. December 4, 2017 / 4:28 pm

    I just messaged on Twitter saying I literally was just looking online for these haha!!!
    I really want to go out now and find them!
    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

    • December 7, 2017 / 12:53 am

      Sorry I’m so late replying to comments, I have been sooo busy! I replied back on twitter though and I am so happy that you got the gingerbread candle!! YAY! I’m glad you found it, what do you think of it? xx

  2. December 4, 2017 / 4:47 pm

    Loved this post!! I absolutely love the smell of gingerbread at this time of the year & that marshmallow one sounds delicious💖x

    • December 7, 2017 / 12:52 am

      Thank you! so do I, I think it is such a classic scent! I love the marshmallow one, it is so good and has lasted me soooo long! <3

  3. December 4, 2017 / 7:00 pm

    I have one rooms mist that smells like gingerbread cookies.. it’s absolutely divine!

  4. December 4, 2017 / 7:18 pm

    Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candle smells SO nice!! x

    • December 7, 2017 / 12:51 am

      I always smell that one in Asda but just never pick it up haha x

    • December 7, 2017 / 12:48 am

      I have one burning right now, it is sooo strong! I love it and yes definitely do! x

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