Cinema & Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelward review

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Ever since I was younger I have always been the biggest fan of Harry Potter, I loved the magic behind it and the warmth of the films and books. If you know me then you will probably know me as the person who is obsessed with tea and Harry Potter, it’s as simple as that. When all 8 films came to an end, I was beyond sad but JK Rowling announced that new films based on some aspects of the Harry Potter franchise were going to be made, I was so ecstatic.

I was invited to the press release of the film, yep that is correct.. THE PRESS RELEASE! something that I will never forget, so thank you so much to Showcase Cinemas press office for inviting me. That is why, today I am here to give you my review on the film and also my experience with the incredible cinema.


So rewind a couple of days ..

Date: Tuesday 13th November 2018.

What: Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Gringelward press release.

Location: Bluewater, Showcase Cinemas de Luxe

Who: Myself and my Boyfriend Frankie (as my plus one)

Time: 7:30PM


We arrived at the cinema in Bluewater at around 7:20 PM ( we were a little late due to me having work in the same day ) and the cinema was actually quite busy. It was very easy to navigate our way around the cinema and find where we needed to go. The cinema itself was a fairly good size and there were a lot of other films being shown. There were lovely sofas arranged in the reception so if you got the cinema early you cold grab a drink and sit down or if you were waiting to be picked up you could sit there. I also LOVED that they had a lounge bar upstairs, this gave a very luxe feeling to the cinema and definitely not a feeling I normally get when going to my regular cinema. Literally a perfect date here would be to see a film then grab a couple of cocktails after, PERFECT. They had snack bars there such as Ben and Berry’s and a Costa.

We spoke to someone within minutes of being there and went through the ticket section. We went down the escalators and when we came to the screening door, we were handed IMAX 3D glasses. I think I have only ever been to an IMAX once, this was years ago. I haven’t seen a film in 3D in such a long time so I was beyond excited. When we went into the cinema screening, there were two seats perfectly waiting for us, on the right hand side at the back. After sitting down, we thought that no cinema trip would be the same without a tango ice blast, so once we sat down in our seat Frankie went and grabbed us two large tango ice blasts and a packet of randoms. The price came to around £13 which is the standard price for cinema food and drinks.


The film was just over 2 hours, which I think is a standard time for JK Rowling films. If you haven’t seen the first film then I would say you should watch it for reference of the characters, just so you know about their back stories. However, the second film doesn’t actually have any proper links to the first film so technically if you haven’t seen the first one then I feel like you aren’t really missing out on anything, its more for your sake of knowing the characters.

There are a lot of Harry Potter references and we found it very nostalgic, which is why I would say you should probably watch the first 8 Harry Potter films if you haven’t already (if you haven’t you are crazy) just to understand those references in the film. They go back go Hogwarts a couple of times throughout and inside some of the castle. There is a scene where you see inside the Dark Arts class room as Dumbledore (Jude Law) is teaching the Boggart Banishing spell ( reference to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) The film also starts off with Newt being at the Ministry of Magic. You see a couple of House Elves and Nicholas Flammel ( Reference to Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone ) is a recurring character in the film. I really liked that he was an actual character because in the Harry Potter films he is only ever spoken about. You also briefly see the Philosophers stone.

Most of the characters return from the first film with outstanding acting and the CGI on the animals in the film is incredible. There are a lot of new characters and you don’t really get an in-depth back story about them, at times I was confused a bit by who they were. For example there is a character called Leta Lestrange, is she related to the Lestrange family? No clue..We are also introduced to Newts brother, Theseus Scamander, which I liked that they brought one of his family members in to it. We also get to meet the young Dumbledore who is played by Jude Law. I think he played Dumbledore rather well, although I couldn’t picture Dumbledore from the Harry Potter films, looking like how Jude does (if that makes sense) that might be just me. We also get to meet Grindelwald properly as he is in the end of the last film and he is played magnificently well from Johnny Depp, he always smashed everything he is in.

The actual story of the film was quite clear throughout, although it did feel like a lot of storylines on one. You have Newt and Dumbledore trying to take down Grindelwald, Newt trying to find Tina to tell her how he feels, Jacob and Newt on the hunt for Tina and Queenie, Credence trying to understand who he is and where he came from. It flutters between all of them. The main story focuses around Grindelwald and him trying to take down Dumbledore. I think the second film followed on well from the first film and they did an amazing job at capturing what they wanted to in this film. I think the ending was kind of left on a cliff hanger, this was something me and Frankie discussed after the film. He didn’t think it was, but I did.. I’m not going to spoil the end of the film but if you watch the film then let me know your thoughts on the ending for sure!


I think this film is going to do extremely well and anyone who loves Harry Potter is going to love this film. I really loved the references to the Harry Potter films, this made me extremely happy. I think all of the characters were amazing and the main characters such as young Dumbledore and Grindelwald were explored very well. Some of the smaller characters could have had more depth to them. It was literally the perfect film to see in 3D due to all of the magic and the cool creatures, I think this film was made to be seen in 3D, it will be interesting to see it in 2D when it comes out on DVD. I REALLY enjoyed this film, I think it could have been better than the first one but that might be abit too much of a bold statement to make.

Jean Jacket – Newlook, Red Body Suit – Boohoo, Black Jeans – Primark, Black Ankle Boots -Newlook, Coin Necklace – Primark, Rings – Pandora & Watch – Fossil


When the film finished we handed our glasses back and started to leave the cinema. I really like the layout of this cinema, I like that they had escalators that took you down to the screening rooms, they are totally separate from the reception and where you buy your food.

I will 100% be using the IMAX at this cinema again because I should really take more advantage of it.

Are you going to be seeing the new Fantastic Beasts film? OR have you already seen it? what were your thoughts on it?

Sophia xo 

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    That looks like a fun film and I can’t wait to go see it!

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