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Something I have always wanted to do is make my own Christmas cards. I love the idea of being able to personalise and customise each cards depending on who the person is. I also like that each card could be different from the next. I am such a creative person and this is something I have been wanting to do for a while. One thing I will say is, it is very time consuming and quite fiddly but I am glad that I did it. Stampin’ Up got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to review some of bits from their brand and I was definitely willing to give it a go. They sent me a lot of products and it helped me a lot with actually starting the Christmas cards. So thank you so much for sending me these crafts.

Stampin Pad ‘Crushed Curry’ 
Stampin Pad ‘Call me Clover’ 
Stampin Pad ‘Real Red’ 
Stampin’ Dimensionals 
Making Christmas Bright Stamp Set
Clear Block D
Stampin Trimmer 
Adhesive Snail Permanent 
All Is Bright A4 Card
Whisper White A4 Card
Everything else in the pictures I purchased myself.

I started off by using white card and cut it down to the length that I wanted the card to be, then folded it in half. The card is very good quality and I could tell as soon as I held it. You get 24 sheets inside the coloured card and 30 sheets inside the white card. The card was thick which did make it hard to fold in half, but I did it in the end.

The trimmer was so useful and made me realise how handy having one of these inside your house actually is. I used it with every single card that I made because it is so precise. I am that person that can’t really cut straight with scissors and every time I do it, I cut more and more off every time and it still ends up wonky. So I feel like this is really needed if you want to be super professional. It was really easy to use and I kind of enjoyed cutting up the paper as weird as that sounds. You have two grey handles, a light grey one which is to make a dent in the paper and the dark grey one which is the knife. Pushing the grey one up first over the card will create a dent in the paper, ready for the knife to slice through it. On the trimmer there are different measurements so you can really see what size you want your card, it just allows you to be more precise. Honestly this really made a difference and I know I will be using this all the time, especially when it comes to craft bits.

The snail adhesive was so useful and less messy than using a pritt stick, I don’t think I reached for a pritt stick at all. I loved using this and I honestly think I will use it so much. It is perfect if you are really into your crafts and do a lot of this kind of stuff as it isn’t messy at all and really easy and kind of fun to use. It was so useful and such a good little tool. It is comfortable to hold and all you literally do is point the adhesive where you want it to go, push down and pull it back a bit and it will be appear. It is suppppper tacky.

I brought felt Christmas stickers and the stampin dimensionals meant that I could really make them stand out and look 3D. I liked using the stampin dimensionals because it made things effectively pop out and it is a cute little touch to a card. These were super handy and something I wouldn’t have thought about buying in order to make my cards, but they did me good!

The actual stamp set came in a little clear box and it was very easy to see what they were. All of the stamps were stuck onto a sheet and you just peeled them off. They are made from Photopolymer which is good because they cling to a clear block which helps you when stamping. I got Clear Block B which was a square block. The only thing I found with sticking the stamps onto the block is that it was very fiddly, and my hands were covered in ink after.

TIP: After you have stamped your card, wipe it with a wet wipe and then dry it with a tissue. Then you won’t be covered in ink. 

The block is completely clear so you can see what you are doing and I love how much the stamps stuck to the block. There is no way you could stamp your cards without it.

Putting the different stamps on the block was fun because you could stamp each card differently and I liked that you could customise it. The stamps themselves were raised which was good because when you pressed it into the ink only the stamps would pick the ink up. Although, I did find that sometimes ink wouldn’t pick up on the stamps, which meant that I would have to go in again and try to retrace the stamp on the card.

I really liked the selection of stamps on their website ,literally some for every occasion. They are so creative and cool.

The actual ink’s were a very good size and they were soaked with colour. Even if you touch the ink a tiny bit, a lot comes off. The colours are so opaque and bright and really perfect for this time of year.


I really enjoying making this cards as I love getting creative. However, it was very fiddly this could also be because I wear fake nails so that didnt help at all.

I would 100% recommend trying out Stamping’ up because they stamp variety is unreal and they have some amazing quality products. if you love a good craft, this brand has you covered.

Have you ever made your own Christmas cards?

Sophia xo 

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