November Glossybox


It literally feels like I uploaded the October Glossybox post the other week, but oh well. This months box, definitely wasn’t my favourite box. I had a verity of products from face masks and body wash to a makeup brush and eyebrow powder. I was bit disappointed that I LITERALLY GOT THE SAME PRODUCT IN THIS BOX THAT I GOT IN MY OCTOBER BOX!!!- this is the BANG BEAUTY, Cream Colour and I got it in exactly the same colour too, which is kind of annoying but I’m just going to give it away. If you want to see what I thought about that product then click here as I won’t be mentioning it in this post. This is also my last post on Glossybox as I cancelled my subscription to them. I have had a lot of samples hanging around and don’t really tend to reach for them.

In this months box I also got and these prizes are for the full sized products

Greenfrog Botanic, Natural Bodywash Relaxing Geranium & Peppermint – £8.95

BEAUTY UK COSMETICS, Contour/Powder Brush – £6.99 (FULL SIZED)

Collection Cosmetics, Define & Perfect Eyebrow – £4.19 (FULL SIZED)

BOOTS, Charcoal and Willow Sheet Mask – £2.50 (FULL SIZED)

This face mask intrigued me quite a lot as I have never heard of a charcoal and bark face mask before. The first thing I noticed with this face mask is that it is boot’s own brand face mask and because I have sensitive skin whenever I use something that has it own brand like Superdrug own or wilkinsons own it really irritates me skin. I already know that this is going to irritate my skin, but I will gave it a go…
I have never heard of the brand before but I love peppermint. This is one of my favourite scents ever. I think it is such a lovely calming scent that is perfect for this time of year because it smells like candy canes too. This is going to leave your skin smelling amazing because it is such a strong scent of peppermint. I think the packaging is pretty simple and it is travel sized aswell which is good so if I am going away I can take this with me.
I have been using this brow product every day since I got it. I think it is amazing. The nib looks like what a liner felt tip would look like, the end of it is really flexible. I like that it is different to anything I have ever used before I think that it why I keep picking it up to use it.  I love using this to fill the outside of my brows out and then to fill it in with another product I use. I like how accurate and precious it is. It is very pigmented, but not too much so when I draw my eyebrows on it is really dark. It makes my brows look natural, and I like that because the nib is so thin it can great fine lines which would look like brow hairs.

I really liked the look of this brush because I love how small it is. I don’t have any smaller sized brushes but I thought that this one looked perfect for foundation. Even though it is smaller, it looks like it will really buff the foundation into your skin (it may take a longer time) but it looks like it will blend it all out well. The bristles are sooo soft and I really like this about brushes, I hate it when they are too still.


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