Christmas Q&A | Blogmas day 13

Hello guys and welcome to blogmas day 13!

Hi! I just wanted to quickly say, these presents were at my University and can be just talk about how cute they look?!

In this post I am going to be doing a Christmas Q&A. I took to twitter and got some good questions! thank you to everyone who asked me a question.

@pellegrina_1 asks ” what do you get the most excited about on Christmas Day?”
I get excited about everything on Christmas Day. I get excited about the morning as all of my family are together opening their presents and everyone is excited. I also get excited about knowing that I have a massive Christmas dinner during at some point in the day, Christmas dinner is the best! I love just spending time with all of my family!
@samantha_houghh asks ” do you have a Christmas tradition, if so what is it?”
My sister, brother in law and my nephew always stay round on Christmas Eve and then we all wake up together in the morning. During the day we will always watch a Christmas film and play some games while we wait for the dinner. After dinner everyone is absolutely knackered so we all have a nap!
@Lon_justakidd asks “what is the best present youve given or been the most excited to give?”
I m so lucky because every single Christmas I get some amazing presents, one year I got a Fossil watch which I am still obsessed with to this day and last year I got a gorgeous Ted Baker bag that is honestly gorgeous.
@laurenannbeauty asks “what’s your favourite Christmas film?”
I have soooo many favourite Christmas films. I have grown up watching so many Christmas films so this one is hard for me. I literally can’t pick my all time favourite one, although for right now my favourite Christmas film is Arthur Christmas! It is such a great film, if you haven’t seen it you really need to. I also love The Holiday, Elf, The Grinch and I actually did a post on my favourite Christmas films so I will link it here for more
@casestreetx asks “Christmas is a really triggering, difficult time for me. How can I get through it, especially while everyone is so so happy and I feel the opposite”
I think around this time of year it is so important to spend time with your family and surround yourself with positivity. Christmas is such a lovely amazing time, so you don’t want to feel anxious or stressed during this time. I would say spend as much time with your family/friends as possible and just try to relax and not to compare yourself to anyone. If you don’t feel happy about it, but you see others being happy about it then just try to have some time to yourself. You don’t necessarily need to be happy about it, but you do want to try as Christmas is such a loving happy time. Do things that you love doing during the Christmas season and hopefully you will feel abit better about it. Make sure you talk to someone about it too, you shouldn’t feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to.
@henryfamilypc asks “what’s something that always happens every Christmas for you?”
Every Christmas my sister, her husband and my nephew always stay over on Christmas Eve and are always there on Christmas Day. Which is nice because my nephew gets super excited ( I do too ) about Christmas as he is young. We always, without fail have dinner and then watch a film and everyone ends up falling asleep, even if this is for an hour or so. My mum and sister are always curled up on the sofa, the amount of pictures I have taken of them asleep on the sofa every Christmas is funny.
@ire_vegan asks “what’s your favourite things to do in the Christmas season”
Watching Christmas films throughout the whole of December is a must! This helps so much to get into the Christmas spirit. There are so many amazing films out there that I love. Christmas markets are also another essential, I just find that these are such a cute thing to do with your family. The weather starts to get colder, everyone is jolly and having a good time. Watching the Christmas lights in your local area turn on aswell, there is something to exciting about that. I love to decorate my room christmasy, my sister always says “ why are you decorating your room no one will see it “ but I love doing it for myself, to get into the Christmas spirit and It’s fun!!! I love getting creative and adding a little sparkle of Christmas to my room with fairy lights, holly prickles and candles.
@stylethestreets asks “what’s your favourite Christmas food?”
This is such a hard question because I love food and I love Christmas. Around Christmas time you always get the best food ever. The chocolate boxes, the tubs of twiglets and the pigs in blankets. Christmas dinner though, oh my, I love the pigs in blankets, the potatoes, the stuffing!!!! They are my favourite!! I absolutely love Stollen aswell, which is a Christmas fruit bread with marzipan in the middle! IT IS THE BEST!!! if you haven’t tried it then you need to, So so yummy! I could eat it all day!
@thecurlyanomaly asks “what’s your favourite place to visit during the holiday season?”
I love going to Christmas markets and the light switch ons, they are so cute and really fun.
@MeVsTheOdds asks “which do you like better; giving gifts or receiving them?”
I definitely prefer to give gifts because I get so excited for them to open them, probably even more excited than they get. I love putting so much effort and thought into the present and also the way it is wrapped. I try to put some thought into the way it is wrapped, with cute decorations and cute wrapping paper. I love giving people something that I have really thought about, especially if I know they are going to love it
@Lifeoflarissa asks “what’s your favourite activity to get into the Christmas spirit?”
Definitely baking! That is such a good way to get into the Christmas spirit. Especially if you are baking with a younger person like a younger sister or nephew because they get just as excited. I also think movie nights are so much fun. If you get together with some friends or your sister or boyfriend and plan to watch a Christmas movie, maybe with some nibbles in your cosy pjs and a nice tea that is the best.
That’s it for today’s post! I hope you liked it, something abit different but I had fun writing it! 

Sophia xo 

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  1. December 13, 2017 / 4:54 pm

    Loved reading through this post, I love The Holiday and Elf, you can’t beat a good christmas movie day! x

    • December 21, 2017 / 12:09 pm

      Thank you! yes, they are the best!

    • December 21, 2017 / 12:04 pm

      Thank you!! I enjoyed writing it

  2. December 16, 2017 / 2:04 am

    Such a festive Q & A, I also love giving gifts because I get so excited! And baking year-round is a wonderful hobby of mine but my boyfriend and I have a 3-year running tradition of baking and decorating Christmas cookies to eat and give as gifts x
    -Helene |

    • December 21, 2017 / 11:54 am

      Thank you. I do haha! I get so excited. Omg that is cute, I recently did that too, sort of.. I baked cookies, brownies and cupcakes and gave some to my boyfriends family. x

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